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Version History

Version 2.12 (09 April 2012)

  • New megaphone icon when "Extended interface" is enabled in the settings to temporarily increase the audio volume up to three levels. Not all audio formats can be amplified.
  • Better compatibility with Droid and other native email applications to open audio file attachments direcly from email

Version 2.11 (03 February 2012)

  • Add BETA support for mp3 encoded wav files (0x0055 format)
  • Fix FC issue if Java Native Interface (JNI) cannot be loaded

Version 2.10.2 (13 October 2011)

  • Limited release to address intent issues on Samsung Galaxy S II and Droid X

Version 2.10.1 (12 July 2011)

  • Fix FC upon completion of playback

Version 2.10 (11 July 2011)

  • Add support for Shorten (shn) file format

Version 2.9 (7 July 2011)

  • Add support for wav file Sample Rate > 48kHz
  • Add support for uuencoded and base64 PCM audio files
  • Add new 'Favor custom decoder' setting to work-around playback issues when core decoding fails (DROID X)
  • Descriptive error message when attempting to play QCP EVRC files
  • Display warning when attempting to play very large files (e.g. m4b Audio Books)
  • Fix rare FC issue and display warning if decoder library can not be loaded
  • Fix rare FC issue encountered when seeking
  • Fix seek error when playing 8-bit, mono files
  • Update time display to include hours

Version 2.8 (3 June 2011)

  • Add support for 0x0010 OKI ADPCM format

Version 2.7.1 (28 May 2011)

  • Fix rare StackOverflowError when updating the seek bar

Version 2.7 (24 May 2011)

  • Add support for many formats including WMA, QCP, M4A, M4B, and compressed AIFF

Version 2.6 (9 April 2011)

  • Add support for 8-bit PCM encoded .au files
  • Add REW / FF buttons with the option to hide them in the settings
  • Add haptic feedback with the option to disable in the settings

Version 2.5c/2.5.3 (25 March 2011)

  • Fix playback of Avaya wav files for Motorola Atrix

Version 2.5b (16 March 2011)

  • Fix orientation bug in Android 3.0 for Xoom users

Version 2.5 (31 January 2011)

  • Add support for 24-bit AIFF and AIFC/sowt formats

Version 2.4 (28 January 2011)

  • Add support for AIFC/sowt format

Version 2.3 (7 January 2011)

  • Add support for AIFF file type, uncompressed audio only
  • Enable move to SD Card for devices running Android 2.2 and above

Version 2.2a (13 December 2010)

  • Fix FC issue for unsupported FLAC sampling rate (max 48kHz)

Version 2.2 (13 December 2010)

  • Add support for FLAC, 24-bit PCM, and wav 0x0133 formats.
  • Add new 'Face detection' setting. If the device is held to your ear, the Scrub Bar, Play/Pause, and Speaker/Earpiece buttons will be deactivated to prevent accidental button presses.
  • Modified behavior of the Scrub Bar so that if the audio is paused it will remain paused after seeking to a new position in the file.
  • Modified behavior so that pressing the Play/Pause button at the end of a track will restart playback from the beginning (if the 'Close on complete' setting is off).
  • Updated internal storage methods to work around Out of Memory errors.
  • Various other optimizations and bug fixes.

Version 2.1a (16 November 2010)

  • Fix fatal error opening specifically formatted WAV49 files

Version 2.1 (16 November 2010)

  • Fix force close and application hanging issues
  • Add option to allow WavPlayer to remain open after playback is complete
  • Add option to set audio buffer scale to improve playback quality
  • Reduce 'auto-quit on paused' timeout to 3 minutes

Version 2.0 (14 November 2010)

  • Major rewrite of decoder / player logic
  • Reduced memory consumption by 75%
  • Option to 'Buffer audio files' was removed from settings. It is always enabled.
  • No more 'Loading...' box. Playback starts instantly for all audio files, regardless of size or compression format.

Version 1.9 (11 November 2010)

  • Add support for WAVE_FORMAT_EXTENSIBLE block (format 0xFFFE) in wav files using PCM, ALaw, and MuLaw codecs

Version 1.8 (31 October 2010)

  • Add support for Dialogic OKI ADPCM format
  • Update speaker and phone icons

Version 1.7 (26 October 2010)

  • Add support for au file format (ALaw and MuLaw encoded files only)
  • Minor improvements to GSM decoding

Version 1.6 (21 October 2010)

  • Add option to buffer audio files. This can improve audio playback quality on slower devices.

Version 1.5c (19 October 2010)

  • Fixed issue parsing wav files that contain extra information in the header

Version 1.5b (18 October 2010)

  • Add support for DSP TrueSpeech format
  • Improve handling of natively supported audio
  • Correct rare force close issue if trying to open a SMS file attachment
  • (a,b) Properly release audio resources

Version 1.4 (13 October 2010)

  • Add ability to play BASE64 encoded wav files

Version 1.3 (05 October 2010)

  • Add support for mp3, m4a, midi, and qcp files

Version 1.2 (03 October 2010)

  • Add support for Ogg encoded wav files

Version 1.1a (01 October 2010)

  • Add link to FAQ in settings
  • Correct an issue that prevented some email clients from opening a file attachment directly

Version 1.1 (29 September 2010)

  • Add support for native GSM files (*.gsm)
  • If wav data is truncated, play the available portion and warn the user

Version 1.0b (28 September 2010)

  • Fixed bug which caused system hang after pressing Home button while file playing

Version 1.0a (28 September 2010)

  • Trap an Out of Memory Error during file read
  • Update email address in about box

Version 1.0 (27 September 2010)

  • Initial Release
  • Playback of PCM, MS ADPCM, IMA/DVI ADPCM, ALaw, MuLaw, MPEG-1 Layer 3, MS GSM 6.10
  • Auto-quit if track is paused more than 10 mins
  • Features include: Active seekbar, play/pause button, stay awake during audio playback, ability to listen to playback through the Speaker or Earpiece

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